Theresa May – Can you hear the jackboots yet…

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December 3, 2012 by corneliustownedge


The clampdown gathers pace. The government seems hellbent on imposing ever more centralised authoritarian edicts on the populace. This week Theresa May has confirmed what many of us already knew, and what most others suspected. That she and the majority of the establishment are absolutely batshit crazy!

David Cameron may not have wanted to ‘cross the Rubicon’ regarding Leveson and statutory underpinning of the press, but Theresa May has vaulted over it in terms of underpinning what the future looks like for the proles.

Combining breathtaking hypocrisy with fear mongering is a talent required by all ‘staunch’ Conservative ministers, May doesn’t fail to disappoint. Comments made to Sun reporters over proposed new internet surveillance powers have catapulted Theresa May from an unpleasant and inept Thatcher-lite clone (with better shoes) to a realistic contender for ‘spokeswoman for the underworld’.

Revealing plans for internet and information service providers to be required to store user information for a minimum of 12 months and permitting said data to be accessed by police, security services, NCA and HMRC; whilst reserving under the draft communications bill the right of the Home Secretary to allow access to other bodies. May today told Sun reporters that,

“People who say they are against this bill need to look victims of serious crime, terrorism and child sex offences in the eye and tell them why they’re not prepared to give the police the power.”

It’s hard to reconcile this statement with reality in much the same way that it’s hard to reconcile Theresa May with the concept/notion of humanity. Rarely has so much disingenuity been espoused in so few words.

But that’s where we’re at. Proclamations and edicts from an establishment  which has overseen a monumental attempt at a cover up. That has resorted to smearing victims of childhood sexual abuse, creating fictitious libels to divert the public gaze and has in the past, as a matter of course, destroyed evidence of dangerous paedophile rings leaving violent sexual predators free to prey on the most vulnerable in our society.

I’d be happy to look anyone in the eye and tell them why the police shouldn’t be given these powers to ‘protect the public’. Because the police on the whole aren’t interested in protecting the public, and neither are these proposed laws. They have failed to use the information they have had at their disposal in the past in relation to Operation Ore, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and countless others. Why do they need access to more of the stuff?

Well here’s the skinny, you knew it already ! They’re looking at you. The rafts of new legislation are designed to protect politicians, the establishment and the status quo from the public eye. They want you to know that they know! The threat of surveillance as a deterrent to ‘free speech’.

The most serious criminals, terrorists and sex offenders are often those in positions of power and influence, for they have access to, and hold sway over the most vulnerable. They spread fear and use it to mask their true intentions.

As regards the ‘terror threat’, our country, and our American and Israeli allies spread terror all over the world. Though apparently, in todays political doublespeak, the word terrorism is applicable only when it’s purveyors are not wearing a uniform; unless, like in Libya or Syria they are pursuant of our interests, in which case they are undoubtedly freedom fighters.

They used to offer the carrot or the stick. The carrot was small, and the stick; well the stick was more of a bat to be fair, but at least there was the prospect of a carrot! Today we seem to be ‘encouraged’ and ‘herded’ with a combination of taser and pepper spray. If you try to run you’ll be engulfed by the spray, walk too slow and the Taser will prompt you in the right direction.

A good steady walk with no opportunity to look around and take in the sights, much less start bounding off into the distance, out of sight of our handlers. That just wouldn’t do.


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