We’re all in it together, we have boats and paddles….


December 5, 2012 by corneliustownedge

We're all in it together, we have boats and paddles....


and you don’t. How unfortunate…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Osborne strikes again. Predictably, the axe falls on the ‘undeserving poor’.

After diddling the books with a 35 billion steal from the Bank of England, the proceeds from the 4G sale and from the Royal Mail grab Osborne still failed to meet his projected targets. The Office for Budgetary Ridicule downgraded expectation once again whilst projecting growth forecasts which aren’t worth the fag packet they couldn’t be bothered to write them on.

Not only that, the ‘age of austerity’ is now set to last until 2018, an extra three years. Presuming of course that the forecast this date is based upon isn’t just another wild and curiously optimistic exercise in guesswork (see above).

‘It’s a hard road but we’re getting there.”

Announcing a 1% freeze on unemployment benefits George stuck the boot in to the sick and disabled as well as those who stay in bed all day, much to the apparent chagrin of their neighbours working next door. To be fair, like the incapacitated, they’re probably just trying to stay warm. Which will be increasingly difficult as the rate of inflation makes the freeze a cut in real terms.

Not content with bombarding the most vulnerable in society with ever harsher cuts, George once again sought to pitch the poor against the poorest, re-iterating the ‘making work pay’ mantra. Apparently it’s all about fairness.

“The welfare system has to be fair to working people…”

This will no doubt stick in the craw of those reliant on the tax relief and child benefit Osborne is cutting, as the majority in receipt of it are in fact working. Presumably they are supposed to feel better about their lot knowing that they will suffer marginally less than the most vulnerable in society.

The targets of Osborne’s austerity are probably not that impressed with the cut in corporation tax either. Starting in 2014 it will fall to 21%. But if it makes you feel any better, 21% of nothing is still nothing.

Good news for millionaire ‘workers’ though, seems like they may be upwards of 100K a year better off. As usual it’s all gravy for the Bullingdon Club mafia, we have come to expect little else. The brown stuff the rest of us have to wade through is slightly less savoury.

Meanwhile the governments propaganda arm struggled to get to grips with the economic ‘ducking and diving’. Andrew Neil announced, in typically understated fashion, that the finest minds in the business were in the process of scrutinising the chancellor’s statement. Stephanie Flanders battled to grasp both economics and the concept of governmental obfuscation. Then; just as Robert Peston started to get stuck in a little bit, he was cut off for no obvious reason. Outside on the House lawn Polly Toynbee was required to inform another ‘great BBC mind’ that “we were going backwards not forwards”. “In your view, not in George Osborne’s” chided the beeb jobsworth. Nice to know the humble taxpayer still gets their  money’s worth in terms of journalistic scrutiny!

George is doing fine, the Osborne’s aren’t shy of a few quid. It’s onwards and upwards for the extremely wealthy frontbenchers on both sides of the house. Meanwhile the ominous drumbeat of austerity pounds on. Don’t worry though, the markets didn’t feel a thing. Thank God for that…


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