Max Clifford, skeletons and expensive closets…


December 7, 2012 by corneliustownedge


I doubt many people were sad to see Max Clifford hauled over the Operation Yewtree coals. He’s made a career out of covering for celebrities, politicians and anyone who could afford him, or supported his agenda. Needless to say, public sympathy is in short supply.

‘The Savile Squad’

The ‘Jimmy Savile Squad’ pounced and hung ‘poor old Max’ out to dry. I’m not sure exactly what Clifford is accused of, apparently he comes under ‘category 3’ for the ‘Savile Squad’. This category presumably encompasses relatively high-profile distraction’s, already in receipt of public ire or indifference and far, far removed from the corridors of power (at least physically!). Somebody might like to inform the ‘Savile Squad’ that they’re looking in a different direction to virtually everyone else in the country.

Savile is dead, and rather than chase down what seem fairly obvious leads,those who enabled him in the BBC, the police, government and numerous charities and authorities responsible for children’s welfare. The Squad seem to be running down faded celebrities and the dead!

Max spills a few beans

Back in 2000 Max was on camera discussing his work for Alan Clark in an interview with Dominic Carman. Seemingly happy to bury anything, Max told how he had covered up for Clark and kept the lid on some of his slightly unsavoury activities. The only thing Max wasn’t prepared to touch was cases where people had been ‘involved’ with children.

Max’s definition of a child differs somewhat from the law’s though, within a couple of minutes he reveals that ‘the only problem’ with the Clark case was that the two girls involved were fourteen. Max secured them both some cash for the story and something for mum, job done. It would be a push, at the very least, to think you could cover somebody’s back without being aware to some extent of their ‘peccadillos’,  and Max seemingly has anyone and everyone’s back if the price is right.

So; Max Clifford. Noyone really likes him. His clients will certainly fear him, as he knows where the ‘bodies are buried’, and anyone who has been involved with his clients and their sordid activities might be getting a little twitchy. Once the house of cards begins to fall, the momentum may be unstoppable, surely the targeting of Clifford is not a shot across the bows?

In his talk with Carman, Max tells him that he keeps the skeletons in a closet, far, far away from prying eyes. It is his insurance policy after all.

That will be some closet. Lots of powerful people stand to lose everything should the door open and shed a little light inside. I don’t currently own a tin foil hat, but i am thinking of making one. Because unless my mind is playing tricks on me there seems to be a rather disturbing pattern emerging. A slow trickle of offenders from the bottom of the pecking order to sate the public followed by the old mantra, move along now, nothing to see here. You know the drill.

I could be wrong; if so i can always recycle the tin foil. Come to think of it, i could use it when I’m in Wi-Fi range or making a call on my mobile.


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