Treadmills for shirkers, biscuits for Pickles…

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January 3, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Custard creams are on me; actually, they're on you, and in me...

The government has announced new plans to crack down on  obesity amongst the jobless.

Unsurprisingly, they have chosen to tackle this by targeting the most vulnerable rather than addressing the root cause of the problem. Ever desperate for an easy target to distract from their ideological class warfare, they predictably adopted the tactics of the playground bully.

Calorie quaffing shirkers are the new target for the tory jackals now their campaign to demonise the non-working poor in the eyes of the working poor has met with the derision it deserved.

Rotund jobseekers will be forced to lose weight(probably under the auspices of some expensive and faceless private firm at the expense of the taxpayer), or risk losing benefits.

It couldn’t really have been timed any worse.

Only a couple of days ago Eric Pickles’s department were found to have spent over forty thousand pounds of taxpayers money in seven months(a ten thousand pound increase on the previous year); on snacks for, ahem, guests of the department.

All this at a time when ‘Biscuits’ Pickles is laying the boot into councils and requiring they cut down on civic waste; like spending on libraries and swimming pools. You know, the non-essentials.

He probably ought to have paid heed to his own departments advice.

Number thirty-nine of the fifty ways to cut unnecessary local government spending suggested putting a stop to ‘providing free food and drink at meetings’. An initiative lauded by chancellor George Osborne.

Perhaps a better way to tackle the nation’s health problems would be to force ‘food’ producers to label their products in a way that is interpretable, to insist on healthy foods in schools and to discourage supermarkets from peddling cheap high strength booze to the public. They could stop defending the likes of McDonald’s et al as regards their Olympic sponsorship. So much for the olympic legacy eh! Less funding for schools and grass-roots sport and Big Macs and super-sized crap for the kids.

That doesn’t wash with this government though. They don’t like telling people what to do, not if it interferes with their revenue stream and party funding. Apparently they only belive in ‘hands off government’ when they have their hands in the public purse; bailing out their chums in the city, or waging wars the public oppose.

London based think-tank, The Aubrey Salinger Institute, has suggested a personal ‘inspection’ of the nations biscuit barrels by a departmental crack ‘Snack Team’, led by ‘Biscuits’, as a  means of tackling the problems of parliamentary expenses and public obesity in one fell swoop.



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