Just Say No to the British Bullshitting Corporation


January 19, 2013 by corneliustownedge


Broadcasting House – Pied Piper? They whistle the tune, you dance to it…

Why are we paying the government to screen its propaganda into our homes?

Why are we expected to fund an organisation which has conspired with child abusers and knowingly assisted them to the extent that they were allowed to create programming which enabled them easy access to vulnerable children?

How does it feel knowing that the BBC has used 185k of your money to try to bury its complicity in the abuse of children, whilst swelling the already considerable  coffers of the odious Lord McAlpine?

What kind of organisation rewards those who have overseen said conspiracies with huge salaries and golden handshakes at the expense of the taxpayer?

Do you consider neutrality is served when the BBC inflicts anti-palestinian propaganda on you from the comfort of Tel Aviv? Whilst the slaughter of women and children in Palestine is glossed over with disingenuous platitudes.

During the recent Israeli assault i watched with mixed emotions of disbelief, anger and amusement as Ben Brown ‘reported’ live on the fear gripping Israel in the wake of rocket attacks. Somebody should have told them how terrified they were, because as Ben spoon fed his propaganda, behind him men, women and children were walking their dogs, rollerblading and ambling by, smiling at the camera.

They don’t even try to hide the lies any more.

Did you know that the BBC receives funding from the EU in order to promote the European agenda and the AGW propaganda?

Even if their presumption that you have a contract with them was lawful (it isn’t) they would have already failed their contractual obligation by abandoning the pretense of  ‘reporting neutrally’ by accepting said funding. Thus your contractual obligation to pay would be nullified;  if  you had ever signed one in the first place!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of funding the lies.

Don’t fund the criminality and propaganda, don’t comply

The TV Licence detector vans & handheld detectors swindle.

The Great TV Licence Scam (Mirror).


5 thoughts on “Just Say No to the British Bullshitting Corporation

  1. Construction says:

    Wonderful write-up. Keep it up.

  2. maxter says:

    Cannot disagree with any of this. Got rid if the tv 2 years ago when I first wakened up.

  3. johnpd says:

    Brilliant, thank you.
    That’s one bill I won’t be paying in the future.
    The BBC lied blatantly on the 28 Experts & scientists who convinced them to abandon their duty of impartiality, written into their Charter, of impartiality in reporting the global warming/climate change scam. This NWO/EU scam has cost the UK taxpayers billions, to the benefit of the scamster “too big to fail banksters” & killed thousands of UK OAPs through too high heating bills, while enriching those shameful politicians profiting from the scam. I name Yeo, Gummer, Ken Clarke. Creatures without souls.

    • johnpd says:

      NWO = New World Order, the desire for One World Govt, which is being fostered through the so-called “environmentalist” movement. The deeply corrupt (accounts haven’t been audited for 19 years) EU is the forerunner for this totalitarian monster.
      The tactic is to create the perception of a global problem which necessitates a global govt for a solution: Global Non Warming: there’s been no global warming for 17+ years, though you will find the totally corrupt & traitorous BBC extremely reluctant to admit this.
      Try http://www.wattsupwiththat.com
      A forum for discussion of global warming where all points of view are welcome.
      Be prepared for some facts, not fantasy, however.

  4. johnpd says:

    First: The problem, a fairly lengthy essay.
    Second: The Movie, 2 hrs 13 mins, & worth it.
    Then: John Anthony on UN Agenda 21, 1 hr 23 mins.
    The most valuable study time of your lives.

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