Obama and the US Small Arms Race

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January 21, 2013 by corneliustownedge


We know who’s pulling his strings! But is he pulling yours…

I’m sure many of you have been following the alternative media in the wake of the recent mass shootings in the US.The discrepancies in the reporting of the Aurora and the Sandy Hook incidents inevitably lead to the conclusion that the truth is being withheld from the public.The only question is; to what end?

Once we have realised the extent to which we are being manipulated, the next logical step is working out why.Which factions of the world ‘elite’ are pulling the strings, and what can be done to to negate the effects of their propaganda.

Given the Obama administrations preparedness to have gun legislation ‘ready to go’  almost immediately in the wake of Sandy Hook , many have assumed that gun control is the goal of those who seem to have engineered the situation.

But what if the goal is entirely the opposite?

Anyone familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic (or problem, reaction,solution) will know that the authoritarian order our current masters seek to impose upon us, can only be administered and enforced as a result of chaos.

Bearing that in mind, look at what has happened in the US in the wake of Obamas bid to restrict  second amendment rights.

Have the people relinquished their guns?

No. Quite the opposite. They have rushed to purchase weapons and ammunition, because quite rightly, they fear their governments intentions towards them.

To my mind, this raises a number of questions.

Do you think that President Obama and the interests that control him couldn’t anticipate that their actions would elicit exactly that response?

If Obama was serious about removing people’s weapons, would he not have approached the issue with more subtlety?

You do not have to be a US citizen to appreciate that the second amendment is sacrosanct to much of the population.It was obviously going to be the line in the sand.Any genuine attempt at disarming the people would surely have been implemented with more tact?

What if his intention is entirely the opposite of control?

If we assume that the rush to arm in the wake of the mass shootings and the presidents ‘declaration’ of intent regarding gun control was both predictable and understandable, then lets ask the question: Why would a government that  wished to disarm  its people act in a manner that virtually guaranteed more arms in their hands?

Maybe it’s because what governments and the people who pull their strings fear most;  is the unity of the people.

Were people to come together, they might work out how they’ve been deceived and decide to stop contributing to the machine that’s subjugating them.  Peaceful non-compliance, it’s the stake in the heart for bloodsucking tyrannical governments all over the world.

What these tyrants don’t mind however, are their subjects fighting amongst theirselves. A population that is scared to interact and converse with one another, a population divided along racial, religious, financial, political or ideological lines is what they crave.Divide and conquer; well they do say the old tricks are the best!

Benjamin Franklyn may have foreseen future insurrection, but he couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming military superiority a government could bring to bear in terms of satellite surveillance, drone warfare, tactical nuclear or biological weapons. Not to mention the stuff they won’t tell you about.

In the event of financial collapse ( or worse),  banksters, the government and their friends  all over the world could retreat to their bunkers and blow the world, or selected parts of it to smithereens,  by remote control!

Meanwhile, in cities and towns all over the land, people would be running out of food and water. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that otherwise law-abiding people (armed or not) will probably go to any lengths to ensure both their and their families survival. It’s not a pretty picture.

I’m no Piers Moron though.Demonising gun owners and tinkering with the second amendment is no solution to the problems the US  faces, but in my opinion, guns aren’t the answer either.Quite the opposite. Death and destruction and the ‘might is right’ attitude is what has created the dysfunctional world we live in.

Those who seek to control and oppress us first seek to instill fear and divide us, to affect change we need to come together and deny them the chaos and animosity they seek.


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