New Laws for Bailiffs!? Tell them to sling their hook…


January 31, 2013 by corneliustownedge


we’re not biting

Greetings all. Thought I’d address last weeks government announcement of new rules to restrict the rights of bailiffs.

Like everything that emanates from government, it’s absolute horseshit! Excuse my language, but the brazenness of these imbeciles is really getting on my thre’penny bits!

The same people who cast us all into debt, devalue the currency and manipulate the market say they’re going to stop bailiffs from having the right to force access to your property?

Before they do, I’d like them to explain when non-court appointed and warrant-less bailiffs; debt collectors, TV license shills & co ever had the right to gain access to your property against your will?!

They never had it in the first place.

These people do not take an oath, they are not sworn in. The payment of a ‘debt’ is a civil matter and as such is no business of those who do have certain lawful rights like the police.

Why do you think they hire heavies to do their dirty work?

Why do they bother sending you ‘threatening’ letters in ever-darkening shades of red?

Why do they sell off your debt for a small percentage of its initial value to ‘collection’ agencies?

They go through this routine because they cannot lawfully enforce payment (see my article ‘It’s Only Business’ & watch videos relating to your ‘legal fiction’ for more details).

The scare tactics are a necessity because that’s all they have…


6 thoughts on “New Laws for Bailiffs!? Tell them to sling their hook…

  1. Bryce Fischer says:

    What happens if Bailiffs enter into your home and get an inventory of items in your home they wish to seize?

    • Don’t have to let them in at all Bryce, unless they’re acting on an order signed by a judge, ie on a matter of law such as non-payment in regards to a criminal offence you were convicted of.

      Check out the youtube links on my other posts , ‘It’s only business’ and ‘Just say no to the British Bullshitting Corporation’. Big subject and much to learn about, key are ‘Contract, or lack there of’, ‘Legal Fiction’ and many more…

      Good luck and don’t play their game ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mike says:

    We also have TV licenses in Sweden. The TV police actually walk around with a box with an antenna on it, pretending they can detect if you’re “stealing” radio signals with a TV ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. C says:

    Have u seen oppt ucc filings and foreclosure of all government corporations? What do u think

    • Hopefully it’s the beginning of the end and the precedent has been set. Just depends how long it takes for people to wake up to the scam and decide whether to take control.

      Max Igan does a good radio interview with Heather Tucci Jiraff and oppt on you tube.

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