No job for a ‘Sleeping Tom’…


February 9, 2013 by corneliustownedge



I thought i’d add this post to the ranting section.It’s currently empty.The fact that i’m no longer buying into the accepted definition of  ‘rant’ may be the  problem …

The first post i ever did was in there for a time.I didn’t think it was very good to be honest, i felt it was a bit half-arsed, and more to the point, I was a little embarrassed by it. It was a bit too raw perhaps, simplistic and emotional.I had an idea that journalism should have facts, be considered; be a little bit aloof.

Well; you live and learn.

I, like many of you i’m sure, have in the past bought into the stiff upper lip and the ‘keep calm and carry on routine’ to some degree: But i’m beginning to realise all it amounts to is self censorship, and at this point in history calmly carrying on  is simply no longer an option.Too much water has passed under the bridge, I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

That’s not to say i’m advocating, or even suggesting the installation of a guillotine in Trafalgar Square. Not for one moment do i think rampaging through the streets, burning down the palace, blowing up the Houses of Parliament or the like is acceptable, a solution or even an option, honest guvnor! ( sarcasm alert,Thought Police take note)

We can leave that sort of thing to the people who specialise in such matters. There are plenty enough of them already, and aping them would achieve nothing more than a cheap sense of personal or collective vengeance.The law of the land is more than sufficient when correctly applied.We simply cannot let the cycle of anger complete itself.

It would be playing right into their hands.



Ironically enough, this blogpost actually started as a post on another bloggers wall, and though it was conceived in anger (I am retrospectively adding the beginning, I started at ‘If only…”!), It has now mellowed and matured with age. Much like the fine wines purchased with expense fiddled cash and now decorating establishment cellars all over the country (Apparently M&S do a nice range Tom!)

I’m not really going to get deeply into some character assassination here.The post has taken on a life of its own anyway! But frankly, I think focussing our attention on any one particular party or MP is a bit of a dead-end to be honest. We need to personally take responsibility for the changes we need in society.Those MP’s who aren’t hovering over the public trough are few and far between in my opinion, which brings me back to the origins of my ‘rant’, Tom Watson.

As I said, the post started as a comment on Chris Spiveys Blog. For anyone who isn’t aware of Chris, go and check his blog out.Few people have put their head above the parapet to such an extent as far as i can tell, and his dedication to research and shining a light on the darkness we must expose  is obvious.He tells it how he sees it, which in my opinion is what we should all be doing,  if you’re waiting for the ‘Usual Suspects’ to do it for you, you’re doing yourself and the next generation a dis-service; and playing into the hands of the ‘state’.

Back to Tom Watson!

I was almost rapturous when i first heard his parliamentary question regarding the ‘possible’ Downing Street paedophile ring.I’d enjoyed seeing Tom get stuck into the Murdoch’s and enjoyed his ‘pipsqueak’ outburst at Gove, though i wasn’t entirely unaware of his penchant for grandstanding!

Although i had done a little research of my own; and was certain that there was more to the story than this link, I was encouraged to see the matter raised and thought it may open the door for more of the same.

Well the doors opening, but it’s not the Tom Watsons of this world who are forcing the issue, quite the opposite as it turns out.It’s the people.

Which is how i found myself at the comments section on Chris Spiveys page.

You see  it’s all well and good clocking in at parliament and giving it the Oscar treatment and taking the applause.But Tom’s information was delivered to him, as he acknowledged, by the very ‘conspiracy theorists’ he now seems keen to distance himself from.

I saw an article written by Tom, described as ‘ a more measured response’ to a pretty odious article in ‘The Guardian’ by Jon Henley.A more  one-sided, ‘won’t somebody please think of the abusers’ article you will struggle to find, but Tom tippy-toed around the sheer one-sidedness of the original spouting measured platitudes of understanding (If you can find  a recent hard-hitting expose on child abuse/rs in the Guardian I’d be surprised).

The political class love a ‘measured’ response though, a hint of caution.Which translates in ‘realspeak’, to keeping their mouths shut, and their careers intact and on an upward trajectory.

I was pretty angered by that initial Guardian piece as well as Toms response, but i’m all for both sides of the story.It would be nice to hear about the facts and the victims first though, rather than cover the offenders need for empathy first whilst warning of possible implications for paediatricians…

So I did a little more research on Tom, and was a little shocked to see his voting and expenses record, it’s not pretty, and Tom generally follows the winning team if you know what i mean.Voting consistently for the Iraq War, ID Cards and the like (info. to be found at They Work For You.Com), he wasn’t on the winning side with ID Cards, but not for wont of trying!

So when I saw Chris Spiveys ‘Do What Son’ article relating to Tom and the NSPCC I was over there sharpish to see what the news was.I’m not going to ruin it for you, check it out over there, but as usual, after a good positive mix of anger and a good few laughs at Spiveys sharp tongue, i found myself at the comments section. Someone told Chris his message ( which the poster considered sound, well researched and on the money) may be better received minus some of his ‘choice’ language and anger.My immediate reaction was annoyance expressed via a few choice verbals.

And here’s where it got me…


‘If only we could all speak a bit more proper. Talkin the Queens an’all, we might be all respectable like….’

Like those nice people who work in the city, or the politicians, or the Lords. The Army Top Brass and the management class.You know, those well-educated/brainwashed automatons who clear the books by encouraging the dying old onto the ‘Liverpool care pathway’.
( Check that on wiki by the way.Never a more eloquent way of explaining starving and dehydrating someone to death has been written, a bit like waterboarding; it’s not quite as pleasant as it sounds!)

I’ll judge people on their actions rather than their use of language.Because I for one, am sick of being told to defer to a band of murderers, crooks and confidence tricksters because they’ve got a lovely clipped voice, a few quid and went to some antiquated paedophile prep school.

I mean, it’s not like they do anything but churn out guaranteed success stories for the filthy rich. Look around parliament and the Royals for starters, they’re not the sharpest tools in the box. They’re probably knowledgable enough, they’ve read the ‘right’ books and networked with the future establishment; but wisdom, empathy? Not likely.


Now what?

77 money

Maybe it’s about time we told the nanny state that we don’t need the stabilisers anymore, we can ride the bike on our own.Not that they were teaching us anything in the first place anyway, renting our own bike back to us more like!

But that’s what we were gifted with in this existence.A free pass, a ride in paradise; and it has been corrupted and manipulated by the ‘chosen few’ for so long that it has become more like a hell on earth for many.

At the moment we’re in a bit of a hole. The well spoken, money-laden tyrants who have ruled us for so long have dug a pit, covered it with ever decreasing amounts of fiscal foliage; and we have consistently stepped straight into it.

Understanding to what degree we have been fooled and why is not the primary concern at this stage of the game.We could scrabble around in the hole arguing who’s to blame and for our specific version of events all day, it achieves nothing.

We’re in the hole whether we like it or not! The good news however, is it’s largely self-imposed; we can get out of it anytime we like.Waiting for someone else to deliver change isn’t just a cop-out, it’s a pipe dream.

It may sound a bit simplistic, a bit twee; or even a little bit  ‘emotional’; but isn’t that the point? Isn’t that what our current ‘state’ is lacking…

We’ve got enough ‘measured’ bean counters and well spoken tyrants dictating the path we should take already.Let’s not start trying to emulate them.


6 thoughts on “No job for a ‘Sleeping Tom’…

  1. jim says:

    respect to you for writing this. i’ve been following the recent watson-spivey bout. Watson is obviously keen to make a name for himself out of ANYTHING he can. We know that the only reason he asked the question in parliament was to advance his own career, Whereas Spivey is working from the heart, he has absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by being so vocal and visible.

  2. It’s not the colour of the language, but the sentiment and intention that’s important. That’s why Chris comes across as a genuine and empathetic commentator.

    Tom Watson on the other hand will stand for any cause without conviction if he thinks it will advance his own agenda (or the agenda of his controllers?!) He’s a fraud and a fake – a typical politician – an unprincipled, self serving twat, with no real regard for those he is supposed to be representing.

    Good piece. Keep writing! =)

  3. willowearth says:

    Really enjoying reading your blog …

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