Takes More Than Two For This Tango…


March 11, 2013 by corneliustownedge

huhne ande pryce

Wives are great for photo opportunities, as partners in crime; not so much.

Today in some court or other, a politician I personally consider a disingenuous blowhard and his bitter and twisted wife were both jailed for 8 months.

Many people seem to see this as some kind of victory for the proletariat, a great blow landed for the people and the justice system. To them I say; have you not been paying attention, have you lost your minds?

What took place today was political manoeuvering with the added bonus of a handy distraction for the political class, nothing more.

Lets just have a brief recap of the facts.

Years ago, Chris Huhne got his wife to accept a speeding ticket for him. This is against the law, yet in reality, it is a stroke many people would have pulled if they thought they could get away with it. Noyone was harmed, and if we were being honest, few people would have batted an eyelid at such a request from a spouse, male or female.

That’s the initial crime.

Next, years after the event, Chris Huhne cheats on his wife with his parliamentary assistant, who was, horror of horrors, bi-sexual (gasps and swoons from the crowd). I’m pretty sure this is fairly de-rigueur in politics, and whilst cheating on one’s spouse is hardly an endearing quality, I think it’s safe to say that the nation’s prison building system would have to be increased somewhat considerably were that to become an imprisonable offence.

The hard done to Ms Pryce then decides to get a little payback, and with the help of Murdoch rag The Times and its butter wouldn’t melt hack Isabel Oakeshott a plan is born.

It’s also worth mentioning that according to Ms Pryce, she had run her ex-husbands misdeeds past none other than Miriam Clegg and Vince Cable.

Chris Huhne had stood against Clegg in the LibDem leadership election and may well have been contemplating having another run at it considering Nick Clegg is about as popular as a syphilitic wart, and that’s amongst LibDems.

It is my opinion that Nick Clegg knew full well that joining the coalition would spell the end of his political career. Propping up the Tories was, granted, a thankless task, and if the Tories couldn’t get a mandate from the public last time around, anyone with half a brain cell could see that overseeing the country post 2008 would not endear any party to the electorate.

He knows he won’t be fighting the next general election.

Nor did Labour have any  desire to join a coalition for this electoral cycle. Far better to throw the hot potato to the ConDems and handle it only after it’s had a chance to cool for five years. Perhaps in coalition with the LibDems, if necessary.

This is where doddery ex-Labour party member Vince Cable comes into the picture. Vince is considered by many as a possible successor to ‘Turncoat’ Clegg. Vince also happens to be a very good friend of Lord Oakeshott, also failed ex-Labour and who, yes, is related to and is apparently a fairly  close confidante of Isabel Oakeshott.

Isabel was keen to reassure Pryce that getting her pound of flesh was a relatively safe exercise, funny that, you’d have thought it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that perjury might land you a spell at her majesties…

Congratulations Isabel, you win the years  ‘Most egregious betrayal of a source award’ 2012, not to be sniffed at. Stiff competition for that title in the Murdoch empire.


Winner of ‘Most egregious betrayal of a source award’ – 2012

Scandal matures like a fine wine, and in the same way the wine cellars in the House of Commons sports a fine mix of vino, the House also has a metaphorical dungeon or twos worth of scandal. Maturing as we speak. The plonk is only produced with the right course, as is the scandal; and this was another case of  carefully considered serving.

After denying the charge,  Huhne was bought down and forced to concede his guilt when confronted with the texts in which he did not admit his guilt, but which clearly showed the family breakdown the saga had caused, and promised more of the same were he not to capitulate.

Who leaked those texts to the press?

Who was monitoring Huhne?

Don’t think it was only J Edgar Hoover who kept the dirt on the politicians, we taught the yanks everything they know about deception, blackmail and divide and conquer. We’ve been doing it for far longer.

Now I’ve got my tin-foil hat on, I’m free to suggest that it’s perhaps not beyond the realm of possibility that Lord Oakeshott, who recently stood down from the Fib-Dems in the Lords, is backing his man Vince, the ex-Labour MP for the Fib-Dem leadership and to potentially form a coalition with Labour at the next election.

This type of infighting and intrigue is nothing new in politics, but what depresses me so much is the apparent glee with which this charade is received.

Forgive my lack of guillotine spirit. But whilst police officers who cover up rapes and pervert the course of justice in a manner that creates future victims and causes great suffering to existing ones get lenient sentences, often less than eight months; and while scum like Tony Blair waltz around the world profiting from illegal wars they helped to ferment and prosecute, I won’t be getting out the bunting.

Why anyone would be happy is beyond me.

At taxpayer expense we are probably going to jail one of the less jailable MP’s in parliament. If an attempt to cover up a speeding offence is the worst of Huhnes offences, and it probably is, or they’d have used something else; that alone is a reasonable argument for making him Prime Minister.

But in a society that, on the whole, has the attention span of a goldfish with alzheimers and a seemingly insatiable appetite for  irrelevant scandal and exclusive tidbits of nothingness, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.

We’re happy to take scraps from the big table for our labours, why wouldn’t we expect anything but scraps of ‘justice’

Why don’t we go the whole hog and make this a real public spectacle. In a nation that is glued to the tawdry and salacious side of life, to watching police harass and brutalise the citizenry for kicks, when we’re not looking up ‘celebrity’ skirts that is; couldn’t we just throw Huhne and Pryce in a cell together and film it. Fuck it, why not throw his bisexual assistant and new lover into the mix? Put her through a secret court for something, or nothing (who cares) and then film the three of them in a cell for four months.

Ticks all the boxes for potential violence and salacious voyeurism; and we might as well have something good to watch on the tell-lie vision as the country goes to the dogs.


5 thoughts on “Takes More Than Two For This Tango…

  1. Nail head hit,obviously some back room shenanigans going on here without doubt,Vince Cable and Simon Hughes top of the list for knife wielding,and they do have form

  2. christof74 says:

    If he’d have admitted the offence there’d probably be more sympathy and a route back (see rt. hon. D Laws).
    The fact that he strung the whole saga out to save his skin at huge cost to much-strained public purse has destroyed him.

  3. teddymcnabb says:

    Read quite few bloggers in my time, be back for more from this one, good stuff!

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