Leveson: Played Like a Cheap Violin…


March 18, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Leveson Style

Thou Shalt Worship at the Ministry of Truth

Today, the people of the UK have, on the whole, cheered in a raft of legislation that bangs another nail into the coffin of our ‘freedom’.

Not that we really had much freedom anyway. We pretty much live in a police state, there’s CCTV wherever you look, the government & private companies stalk you and I online and monitor our financial transactions at will. They take our savings, pensions and spare-bedrooms on a bankers whim. They fight a  perpetual war on terror without ever going through the bothersome exercise of declaring war, much less putting it to the parliament for a vote. I could go on, and on and on; but you get my point!

Well today, the only voice that really stands up and confronts the establishment is in the process of being silenced. In a late night meeting some dubious characters have signed off the freedom of the press with some rather hideous legislation. Marxist Milliband was there, as was the PM’s man on the spot Oliver Letwin and no doubt a FibDem to accompany the Hacked Off stooge.

Yes, that would be the same Oliver Letwin who had so scant a regard for the privacy of others that he dumped their ‘correspondence’ with him in a public bin. You really couldn’t make it up could you!

Apparently it’s optional whether or not to opt in for the legislation, those who don’t opt in however, will face a far larger fine from the ‘independent’ *coughs* regulators. Of course, the only ones who will be able to opt in, or afford the fines for that matter,  will be the large and wealthy publishers, the same bunch who hacked the phones, looked up skirts and ruined Hugh Grant and Max Moseley’s penchant for hookers.

Personally I couldn’t give a shit whether Hugh’s too tight to pay for a motel, or whether Max likes his ‘escorts’ to dress up in Nazi uniform or not. But I can’t help finding it amusing and horrifying (in equal measure) that they managed to assist in marching a Nazi press legislation disguised as an empathic schoolgirl through the political process with public approval. Ooop north, we refer to it as being ‘brass-necked’; or taking the piss, whichever floats your boat.

Unfortunately the targets of Leveson aren’t really the big media monopolies. If they were then Leveson might have concentrated on breaking up their monopoly, he didn’t. Or he may have reflected on the incestuous relationship between the politicians, the press and the police. He didn’t. Or he could have noted that laws already exist to cover the excesses of the press. He didn’t.

Murdoch, Rothermere & Co. don’t really care about money so much, they run at a loss anyway, the real money comes from the influence that media control buys them. They only exist by virtue of their willingness to pump propaganda into the masses at the behest of whoever holds the reins. Leveson not only offered nothing to counter these problems, he steadfastly ignored their existence.

The fact that the same punters who bought these unscrupulous rags and frothed over their tawdry muck-raking are often the ones pleading for regulation isn’t lost on me. Many of the same people who funded and still fund Murdoch and his ilk helped drive this crap through!

Can You See What It Is Yet?

The real targets of Leveson and the establishment.

The real targets of Leveson and the establishment.

Desperate to silence the mob, or those journalists who don’t demand payment for their oft unsolicited opinions, the establishment has snuck in through the back door in an attempt to silence the many, whilst leaving the media monopolists relatively free to conduct business as usual. This interpretation could have come straight out of Mein-Kampf or ‘The Little Red Book’.

According to Dave we’ve not crossed the Rubicon though, because this legislation doesn’t involve direct political influence?! Pardon Dave?

A Royal Charter is what we’re getting, apparently at ‘arm’s-length’ from the political scene. Well this is true in some respects. As it comes up for renewal but once every ten years and requires a two-thirds majority to alter it, it is not only at arms-length from politics, it is also light years away from ‘democracy’. At what point is it acceptable to push through regulation of the press in some late night meeting and enshrine it with legislation that requires a bigger majority to change it than it takes to form a government? Apparently we’ve reached that point, and it’s not a good place to be.

If that wasn’t bad enough, consider this. The whole of the press is now under the auspices of a Royal Charter. Funnily enough, they’re not the only media outlet to be governed in such a way. Guess who else is? That’s right, that infamous bastion of free and  objective journalism, the BBC!

I could spend a week bitching about the British Brainwashing Corporation, but suffice to say; anyone who has witnessed the extent of their freedom and impartiality should be able to imagine what the establishment have in mind for the press in general, and the ‘free’ press in particular.

Play Dumb and Carry On

So we are led, blindly, angrily and often willingly further and further into this dystopian nightmare. Blundering onwards, hand in hand with an  increasingly distant, self-obsessed, unaccountable government. I was going to say it’s like Turkeys cheering for christmas, but it’s worse than that. It’s like Turkeys cheering for christmas whilst force-feeding themselves from a grain stuffed advent calendar and simultaneously cramming Paxo up their rectum with their spare claw.

I really fear for the future. Turkeys like Leveson are for life, not just for christmas.

Hacked off yet? You will be…


One thought on “Leveson: Played Like a Cheap Violin…

  1. Ben O'Hanlon says:

    I enjoyed this and shared it on Facebook… things are getting worse and worse and we’re rapidly becoming 1984!

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