The Migrant Roundabout

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March 25, 2013 by corneliustownedge


Perhaps I can coax them with one hand, and beat them with the other…

If you needed a reminder that the vast majority of our politicians have…

a) absolutely no interest in the public or their opinions

b) No intention of un-hitching us from the EU train wreck

c) Such contempt for the public that their deceit is less convincing than Michael Fabricants hairpiece

…then Cameron just dished up yet another serving of steaming disingenuousness to remind us of our place.

In a bid to halt the landslide of votes for UKIP and cut Farage off at the pass, Dave the Rave let rip at the migrant hordes eagerly waiting to pounce on the teat of blighty.

It’s really tough for the tories now. After decades of supporting foreign migration on the quiet as a means of lowering wages for the working class and fattening the pockets of their chums, they can’t even resort to bashing the migrant hand that fed them anymore for fear that they’ll drive their remaining support into the waiting arms of Farage.

Hoist by their own petard. Lovely.

Of course, when I say Dave let rip with both barrels; what I actually mean is, he domineeringly informed migrants of the future, that they will have to observe the same rules as UK citizens when applying for state benefits. Ouch.

And when I say domineeringly informed migrants of the future, I actually mean, attempted to spin his increasingly impotent web of bollocks over UK citizens.

That’s right, the new punitive methods of  poking  our own unemployed are now being used to scare off  ‘hordes’ of so-called east european gypsies and criminals. That’s what I call progress.

Of course, Dave’s spiel is littered with the obvious point that those who will be coming to our shores will be coming here to work. I actually agree with him, most of them will. But it’s not the point Dave, it really isn’t.

We, or should I say you,  are struggling to create jobs for those already in the UK. Bringing in more people to this already crowded island just makes no sense, and it isn’t only Europeans who will be coming over.

Dave has been hard at work in India & China cutting deals to open the UK’s immigration doors in exchange for their doors of commerce opening to UK business.

But that business will involve large corporations and banks getting their greedy snouts in foreign troughs. It won’t involve UK citizens moving abroad en-masse to gain employment. Our useless politicians have overseen the creation of a large poorly educated underclass entirely unsuited to the demands of the modern age. They are more than happy to leave these people on the scrap-heap to be abused and de-humanised when it suits whilst opening the door for foreign migrants to step into their place on the cheap, to be cast as villains of the piece whenever their agenda requires.

There’s nothing mean-spirited or racist about pointing out the obvious, but when it suits our politicians they’ll imply that there is; when they’re not using immigration as a fear mechanism and targeting particular migrant groups.

Truth is, they just really don’t care. About you, me or anyone but themselves. Everyone is fair game, whether they’re from the Septic Isles or not.


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