Bilderberg Warmonger Leaves Sunderland AFC Board


April 2, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Pot, kettle, black

‘Brains’ Milliband. Pot, kettle, black…

David Milliband who was leaving the UK prior to the appointment of  Paolo Di Canio anyway;  decided to cause an unnecessary furore this week by implying that he was standing down due to the political leanings of new Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio.

“In the light of the new manager’s past political statements, I think it right to step down.”


To be fair to Dave, no one has been taking much notice of him for a while, and his presumably massive ego probably needs a bit of a feathering after his equally disingenuous brother ‘beat’ him to the Labour leadership. This fluffing takes place at the expense of Di Canio.

Dave’s nemesis Paolo attracted much public scrutiny and the wrath of football authorities when he made the ‘fascist’ salute to the fans as a Lazio player.

For the record, this salute is also known as the Roman salute and was used by the legions thousands of years ago. Which is presumably why the Italian fascists under Benito Mussolini appropriated it, given that Italian Fascism was largely concerned with nationalism and empire, and actually predates the Nazi brand that the rabid ‘newshounds’ in the press pit seek to allude to.

“I am a fascist, not a racist. I made the Roman salute because it’s a salute from a comrade to his comrades and was meant for my people. With this stiff arm I do not want to incite violence or racial hatred.”

So said Di Canio after the furore surrounding his salute to fans of Rome club Lazio erupted.

You can see where I’m going no doubt, but frankly, it really should’nt be necessary. It really sticks in my craw when the same press who have sat on their hands and failed to hold numerous egregious establishment crimes and cover-ups to account suddenly decide to act as a barometer of public virtue. Pity they weren’t as keen to speak up on Iraq or the rendition of prisoners for torture so vigorously.

The fact that the story comes courtesy of Milliband is equally galling/laughable. He may be concerned with political statements, but personally, as a voter, I concern myself with the political actions of elected ministers such as himself rather than the political opinions of football managers.

This is a man who sat at the heart of the Blairite government advocating and conspiring in policies which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands through both sanctions and direct and indirect warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan;  not to mention conspiring in the rendition of prisoners for torture and the giant bank swindle of 2008.

Better luck with your plotters across the pond ‘brains’, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and  your brand of politics has far more in common with the empirical desire for conquest that Mussolini harboured than you’d care to admit.

Perhaps Di Canio might have refused to accept a post at a club that harboured a warmongering proponent of torture like Dave had he not relinquished his seat on the board;  you couldn’t have blamed him really.


One thought on “Bilderberg Warmonger Leaves Sunderland AFC Board

  1. Cas Wallon says:

    Didn’t he just announce he was retiring from parliament to take up a job with a ‘charity’ in the USA…. seems hard to be a board member from across the ocean……… and just happens to be a chance to pretend he cares about anything (or has a principle which he cannot change if there is enough cash involved) other than D Milipede Plc.

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