Bill Roache: A Convenient Distraction


May 2, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Crap actor, second rate human, first-class distraction.

Crap actor, second rate human, first-class distraction.

After being enforced to endure the frenzied media circus surrounding the arrest of doddery Bill Roache yesterday, I feel compelled to dip my fly in the turgid ointment being daubed and splattered all over the so-called investigations into organised child abuse.

First, I should probably declare an interest, and state that I despise all soaps, have little time for Roache, and quite frankly, the bloke rubs me up the wrong way. He may have reached four figures in terms of groupies, but that perhaps says more about the lack of ambition and self-esteem in our green and pleasant land than it does about the man himself.

He may believe in re-incarnation, he may be a pompous self-important arse, he may have the charm of a Tussauds waxwork on valium, but that doesn’t make him a child abuser.

Although he does fit most of the criteria for the corrupt ‘Keystone Clowns’ who are conducting the slew of distractions, sorry,  investigations into child abuse.

a) He’s nearly dead.

b) He’s just ‘famous’ enough to make the type of people who think the world revolves around a fictional street think that the ‘elite paedophiles’ are being tackled.

c) He’s not ‘influential’ enough to actually know much about  the really sick fucks in the real corridors of power, who think that because they got fagged at public school they have the right to torture and abuse institutionalised and vulnerable children whom they consider fair game.

d) He’s a useful distraction to overshadow the crimes of extremely sick bastards like Stuart ‘Opportunistic Predator’ Hall.

e) His case may well set a precedent that results in public incredulity at what seems a spurious, unprovable charge that they lose any appetite to see more people tried for cases of ‘historic’ child abuse.

Lets get down to brass tacks. Roache was in his thirties in 1967, when the alleged incident (rape of a 15 yr old girl) happened. Both charges of rape relate to this same girl.

How on earth can he be successfully be prosecuted for this crime?

There will obviously be no physical evidence, and as the allegation comes from only one person, the benchmarks for a successful prosecution for ‘historic’ child abuse – corroboration by numerous victims,  similarity of crimes and placing of the accused at agreed locations seem impossible.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying he’s innocent of the charges. What I’m saying is that the case is destined to fail, and that in my opinion, that is why it is being pursued.

Bill Roaches case is being used as a means of undermining public confidence in the feasibility of prosecuting cases of child abuse that range back over a number of years; nothing more, nothing less.

And guess what? After Roache dominated the news/propaganda yesterday, the real and admitted predatory abuser is slipping under the media radar.

Today,  Stuart Hall has admitted 13 charges of child abuse, the youngest of which was nine years old. NINE YEARS OLD!!!

The worst of it is, we all know that even parasitic entities such as Hall are really at the bottom of the chain. Far sicker men than him lurk in the background, probably confident that they will escape punishment due to their political and establishment connections.

It is incumbent upon us all to not let this drop. We cannot allow another generation of children to be manipulated and scarred. If one thing comes out of the ‘mickey mouse’ investigations currently under way, it may be that some people are forced to remove their rose-tinted glasses in regards to organised child abuse and the pathetic obsequious hero-worship that allows it.

Tell your family, tell your friends, workmates or acquaintances; and when their eyes glaze over and their interest wanes, then tell them again.


4 thoughts on “Bill Roache: A Convenient Distraction

  1. susan mcginn says:

    I think it is time to stop calling these people paedophiles and always refer to them as abusers…

  2. Dave Knight says:

    Well written and logical piece. The anger at the perps, the establishment, the inactivity of the police and authorities and sheer number of these pervs being outed took its toll. My writing came to a standstill as a result of the posts I’d written about this scandal, but your article has inspired me to continue my own campaign in TheDuckShoot Blog. We must not let them off the hook but hunt down the ‘Halls’ that lurk in the corridors of power.

  3. […] cases against Max Clifford, Michael Le Vell, Bill Roache and Jim Davidson were splashed all over the idiot box and the presstitute […]

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