Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?

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June 11, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?

Funny that William Hague should trot out that old chestnut. With each passing day, and the lies that accompany them, Hague and his ilk dig themselves a deeper hole.

They have so much to hide, and everything to lose, which is why THEY are terrified. Terrified of being exposed as the gutless,murderous, traitorous morally vacuous shower they truly are.

They have so many skeletons in their closets it’s hard to know where to begin!

But here are 3 things I’d like Hague to be transparent about. I mean, what’s good for the gander, is surely good for the goose… right?

1. Leon Brittan – Allegedly, a late night rendezvous on Brighton beach with Willy saw Leon shuffled out of the limelight and the hands of the old bill. With a little help from Willy & the Spooks; Leon was able to dodge accusations of child abuse.

2. PRISM- Willy says no laws have been broken. Presumably because the CIA get us to spy on their citizens, whilst our spooks spy on theirs. Then they share the information and, hey presto. Both countries were spying on foreigners. Transparency?

3. Spadgate- Never afraid to adopt a homophobic stance if it suited his political career, Willy seems to be somewhat less concerned about the ‘love which dare not speak it’s name’ when it comes to room sharing with handsome male special advisors.

Hague Myers





A few more things Hague may want to address re-transparency –

a) Redactions of public documents.

b) Government adherence to freedom of information requests.

c) The ban on Keith Allens documentary expose of Princess Diana’s murder, ‘Unlawful Killing’.

d) The habit of police officers that involves covering their faces and removing their badge numbers whilst beating the crap out of protesters.

e) Why he is dragging us into a middle-eastern crusade under entirely false pretense. Are we fighting Al Qaeda, or funding Al Qaeda Willy?

The lies and double standards never end, but the publics tolerance is

beginning to…

Meet Edward Snowden: NSA PRISM Whistleblower

 Transparency, you can’t beat it.







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