#TakeTwitterBack!? – It’s About Time We Took Our Country Back…


July 29, 2013 by corneliustownedge

…From Unscrupulous Careerist Politicians

Stella deplores threats of violence against women. But doesn't seem to mind sharing the House of Commons with child abusers, or the fact that UK taxpayers are funding terrorists to rape and pillage in Syria.


So came the rallying call today from Labour MP Stella Creasy. She was followed by a raft of other know-nothing politicians who I can’t be bothered to name. Except Hancock. In the name of equality I’ll throw in a tory lickspittle! Matthew Hancock MP also stuck his two’penneth in to second the call to metaphorical arms. Nothing like a bit of political equilibrium!

These two are a pretty good example of todays useless politicos and serve to reinforce my hitherto unmentioned point.

Neither of them have any idea about the real world, having left the university womb only to filter smoothly into banking or directly into the political bubble, but  both of them are considered as MP’s with potential by their parties and peers.

So when they caught a whiff of a bandwagon that was guaranteed to play well in the press, they were all over it like flies around a steaming pile of IDS.

‘Take Twitter back’ they cry; but from who?

Who is currently in possession of Twitter?

Well that would be you; and me.

Twitter is one of the few remaining places that hasn’t been made ‘politically correct’, and before we go any further, I think politically correct’ is a term in need of being addressed.

It won’t take long. The clue is in the title.

By definition, your speech is  only ‘correct’ when it is acceptable to the political class and suits their currently ‘acceptable’ lexicon. Which, as you know if you have ever tried to be PC , is a constantly shifting border.

What passed the politico smell test a few years ago may find you being labelled a racist, misogynist or a terrorist today.

To you and I this probably seems like total madness; and it obviously is to most sane people. But to politicians the shifting sands of acceptable speech are a godsend.

It is they,, through focus groups, think tanks and other such pointless gatherings who dictate the PC pace – and please don’t think focus groups & think tanks aren’t anything but propagators for the next era of vapid giggletwits, they are, Ask Stella Creasy – constantly causing the masses to question their right to speak freely and encouraging self-censorship.

It is they who promise to clampdown on those who err from their approved speech. ‘Unacceptable’ they cry, ‘won’t someone please think of the children… what will become of the children!’

Funnily enough I haven’t mentioned the crux of the issue, well I haven’t mentioned the issue the MSM consider the crux of the issue.

Which is that a very small minority of people on twitter are morons. Morons who make empty threats of murder, rape and god knows what else.

To anyone on Twitter this is not a surprise. Actually it’s not a surprise to many people, except people like Creasy and Hancock who apparently live on a different planet to the rest of us.

Now I’m not saying threatening to rape or kill someone is nice, or acceptable. As far as I’m aware it’s already an offence under the law. But I think most of us are aware that these threats are not grounded in reality. They are the idle threats of misogynists and fools. If anything the people who espouse them should be pitied their miserable existences not be considered credible in any way, but not today, not in the PC world. Today the baseless/meaningless taunts and cries of bravado and bullshittery that we heard on our school playgrounds may warrant you a visit from plod or a spell in chokey.

As if that wasn’t enough recourse for the PC brigade, they then want to introduce filters and the like to infringe on the vast, vast majority who don’t behave in an aggressive or abusive manner.

But that’s because they don’t really give a fuck whether people are abusive, threatening or aggressive.

But what they do want, what they desperately, desperately want; is to fetter Twitter and the net in general. They want to close down what’s left of free speech and they’ll harness any cause in order to do it.

They tried it with Leveson and his sneaky backdoor clause to force bloggers to register, a barely disguised attack on free and alternative media. They pushed it last week with cameron and the porn filter – laughable, wonder how many horny adolescents won’t circumvent that!

And now they’re using the feminism angle. It really is any port in a storm for these disingenuous, unscrupulous arseholes.

Their very existence is threatened by voices who refuse to be cowed like the ‘acceptable’ face of the press, and to see vacuous clowns like Stella Creasy appearing on Sky News to do Murdoch and Rothermere’s bidding is the icing on the cake.

The disgusting presstitute ridden media oligarchies who have lied and cheated their way to the top of a select pile are on their last legs. People buy the papers less and less, have never had less faith in the BBC or the political or ‘establishment’ class. Their discredited rags are subsidised solely in order to keep on rolling out the propaganda; and they’re on the verge of extinction in every sense.

This is of course unacceptable to the state. How will they manage to maintain their hold over the people, distract from the truth and prevent their own demise?

Well they get political dupes and careerists like Stella Creasy to do their bidding by knowingly or unwittingly pushing the agenda of the day. Or prospective tory leaders like the odious Hancock to stir the pot while ‘nice guys’ like Hugh Grant pull in the political abstainers…

They’re never short of cheerleaders and converts either.

The same old useful idiots gather at the mention of oppression and demand that the state makes them safe from the nasty proles and their threatening and misogynistic abuse.

Unfortunately they forget that they were the same people who cheered on the new laws to protect us against terrorism which ended up encroaching into our private lives.

They forget that they cheered for Leveson and Hugh Grant, who couldn’t give a flying fuck about Milly Dowler or about anything other than covering up theirs and their masters indiscretions.

So rally round. Join the throng screaming for the state to protect you from hateful speech.

But personally, if anyone has any plans to rape or kill me I’d rather appreciate a heads-up via social media. I mean, how often do people with genuine malicious intent contact you in full fiew of the public to arrange your own demise?




2 thoughts on “#TakeTwitterBack!? – It’s About Time We Took Our Country Back…

  1. maxter says:

    Just brilliant!

  2. morningstar says:

    Brilliantly put !
    Any excuse they can find is used to fetter free speech – and enforcement of thought via the complicit msm (especially the BBC) needs to be opposed at every juncture !

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