Bloom Don’t Bluster


August 7, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Bloom Don't Bluster

It was a sad day for ‘journalism’ today.

Today the emperors stark-bollock-nakedness was confirmed to those of us left in the Idiocracy who haven’t been entirely dumbed down by the Alinsky’esque and seemingly constant PC beating that is being unleashed from all angles by presstitutes, politicians and all the vested interests they serve.

Today, Krishnan Guru Murthy, whilst attempting to pin down Godfrey Bloom on what he considered an appropriate ‘elucidation’ of Bongo-Bongo told us all everything we need to know about our useless, not-fit-for-purpose mainstream media.

Whilst Godfrey Bloom was trying to get Murthy to address what he (and any sane person) considered the crux of the issue; which is the use of foreign ‘aid’ money to prop up dictators our great leaders consider useful, Murthy said,

‘I’m not interested in that, I’m interested in how you elucidate the term Bongo-Bongo…’

So to cut a long story short. It is of less interest to shills like Murthy that not only are our taxes being used to buy arms and equip often brutal regimes, but that they are often used to kill and subjugate the people of lands Godfrey Bloom might consider as ‘Bongo-Bongo land.

These useless excuses for journalists consider causing offence, a far greater crime than the killing and subjugation of people they claim to be ‘protecting’!

And by protecting this barely hidden transfer to dictators under the moniker of ‘aid’, Murthy and the rest of the shills and useful-idiots further the cause of the corrupt, almost entirely white, establishment snakes they would have you believe they oppose!

We truly have slipped into an alternate reality. A reality where Notting Hill warriors like Murthy, Creasy, Perez & Co. demand the rights of women and Africans to be freed from the risk of possible offense; but are more than willing to remain schtum as their contemporaries and elected officials pursue illegal wars and create Banana Republics (glances nervously over shoulder) to suit their own ends and those of the vested interests that employ them.

My gran was a lovely lady. Kind, thoughtful.

When she was young they barely EVER saw black people. She used to titter and say things like ‘ooo, aren’t they ever such good dancers’ amongst other things!

There was no malice in her language, there was no malice in her full stop.

Today some clown like Murthy or Zoe Williams would consider her an unacceptable racist. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Or maybe the fact that trends of what is deemed socially acceptable come and go is unacceptable to the chattering classes, so keen are they to impose their PC outlook on us all. Forcing us to revisit and update what they consider acceptable speech, to constantly doubt our right to speak as we see fit whilst censoring ourselves.

I, for one, couldn’t give a monkeys (glances over shoulder). Luckily for us they are a minority; a minority stuck in a political and media bubble that bears no relation to reality.

People and attitudes evolve, and Godfrey Bloom, while perhaps not the most ‘hip’ MP, has done more to challenge the real threats to our existence than our blethering idiot MSM or our political system.

He consistently calls it how he sees it, and few if any politicians have tackled the real cancer in our society, the pervasive fascistic takeover by central-banks and corporations in the honest manner Bloom has.

Treasure the soothsayers, there aren’t many of them left, at least not in the politico/media bubble.


11 thoughts on “Bloom Don’t Bluster

  1. Rich says:

    Here here. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Tony Blair would never use un pc language yet is more than happy to kill shed loads of Iraqis and try to start wars in Syria and Iran. Ok ‘Bongo bongo land’ isn’t the wisest comment to make but the issue of corruption is way more important. Of course that won’t get discussed on programmes like channel 4 news as it isn’t really news, just pushing the power that be’s agenda.

  2. Anon says:

    Using cheap references to derogatory terms is hardly gold standard journalism either.
    To deny that racism is an issue is not only incorrect, it is also perfectly demonstrative that you have no compassion for the struggles of your fellow human beings. I’d bet money you are a white, middle class, ciss male who enjoys a wealth of privilage.
    The next time you try to undermine the issue of racism, you should stop and think if you’re entitled to decide what is and isn’t racist.

  3. Lupulco says:

    Your article is spot on, what to me is offensive that people are no longer, or feel that they can’t, say what they think in public.
    This is the path to a totalitarian society, run by a so called, self-centred elite. If one criticises the first response is;
    a] you don’t understand; or
    b] you are a ?????phobist etc; to eventually
    c] you have broken the law or you are insane in some way, so we will have to put you in a place of safety?

  4. He knew he was on C4 News to discuss the Bongo Bongo issue. Why did he agree to appear?

  5. Harold M Bains says:

    Well written article. But not sure if I can agree with your inference that Bloom is some kind of hero. The issue that Bloom was trying to address (UK overseas aid) was never seriously going to be addressed by the MSM for 2 reasons. Firstly, much overseas aid is given with full knowledge that arms purchases are going to be made – in fact, this is a major factor in determining the amount of aid to be given; further, much of that military equipment will be bought from UK manufacturers. Secondly, if analysed too deeply then one will have to pay attention to the multi-billion pound arms deals with the ruthless, dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, ie, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, etc, who the government are only too happy to support.
    Whatever Bloom’s point, he should have found a more intelligent and less crass way of articulating it.

    • Thanks Harold.

      I certainly don’t see Bloom as a hero though, nor would I personally use such terminology.

      The intention of the post was to highlight the dissonance between the medias obsession with PC speech which runs concurrent with their appeasement of warmongering politicians and their blatant disregard for victims of the imperial wars of conquest and subjugation.

  6. jdseanjd says:

    Spot on Mr CT.
    Godfrey Bloom is trying to awaken our populace to the abomination that is our “Foreign Aid” program whereby dictators hold their peoples back from progress, & enrich our corrupt politicians, & our arms industry.
    For another gauge of how (Far worse than Useless) counterproductive our Main Stream Media is, look into the war raging in the Central African Republic, which goes completely unreported.
    UK is the major arms supplier
    Our MSM are now shackled by PC thinking, which is cultural creeping Marxism, did they but realise it. This is part of the Marxist Saul Alinski’s ‘Long March Through The Institutions’.
    Research the Frankfurt School where PC originates.
    It vastly amuses me that these Marxist idiots do not realise that they are dupes, mere tools of the Central Banksters & their Corporatist cronies, & will be liquidated should these Banksters realise their depopulated world Utopia.
    The Banksters etc are aiming at a pre-industrial Master/serf medieval world, & our political/media/educational/middle class will be surplus to requirements.
    They will be eliminated, the fools are working assiduously toward their own extinction.
    Think “Hunger Games”, the film, for a glimpse of the world our crazy Central Banksters dream of.
    For a glimpse of world reality try:
    Keep up the good work Mr CT.

  7. TN says:

    The irony here is that the BBC often introduce news stories of Africa with the opening scenes of people dancing and the playing of bongos so in what was Bloom racist, more factual I would say..

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