The Twatterati and the Feminazi’s – A Pungent Brew


August 10, 2013 by corneliustownedge

I don’t consider myself a troll, or a contrarian. Nor do I think anyone who knows me would harbour the opinion that I am a misogynist, homophobe or misanthrope.

I have no problem if people think I am any of the above, It is entirely their prerogative to perceive me as such. I would defend their right to believe what they like and to express that opinion should they wish to do so; I believe wholeheartedly in freedom of speech and freedom of thought and association. Each to their own.

But an exchange of views on Twitter earlier between myself and members of the Twatterati and a couple of Feminazi’s may highlight the contradiction inherent in the values these ‘cliques’ claim to advocate.


Cats are great. They never contradict me.

A tweet from Ellie Mae’O Hagan this afternoon bemoaning the ‘atmosphere’ on Twitter was , I felt, worthy of response.

“Since it’s a ranty Saturday: I am so pissed off that women are shutting up because of the shitty inhospitable atmosphere of Twitter.”

To which I replied, “Well maybe we can get the state to regulate it. That’ll sort it.”

Who should pipe up but Graham Linehan, (I’d quote him but he blocked me) with something along the lines of my comment being snide and offensive.

“yeah, if only someone would be so kind as to offer us an example” wailed Ellie Mae! Then her comrade in arms Penny Red pipes up to exclaim,

“WHAT IS GOING ON” (her emphasis!)

It seems the benchmark for a ‘shitty inhospitable atmosphere’ is somebody disagreeing with your point of view, or using the horrific medium of sarcasm to express their opinion!

Funny thing is, I had no idea who Graham Linehan was until he’d blocked me! It turns out he was behind the creation of Father Ted. Well I never.

So it’s alright for Linehan to mock peoples religion and make a substantial living on the back of sarcasm and mockery, but not for the plebs. Perhaps Linehan thinks that only people who earn big bucks to take the piss have the right to do so.

This for me is the crux of the matter. Penny Red, Ellie Mae O’Hagan and Linehan all suck off the MSM teat.


Thou shalt worship at the altar of your betters.

They want to use Twitter to further their careers, advertise their columns in The Grauniad/New Statesman or whoever employs them to ply their opinion, but woe betide the upstart pleb who questions their motives or challenges their intellect.

All three of them are happy to employ sarcasm and mockery to further their aims or to pursue their agenda, but they’re certainly not happy when the great unwashed contradict the opinions they ferment in their cosy twatterati MSM bubble.

No, when their worldview is challenged they stamp their feet, spit their caffeine-free latte’s all over themselves and demand their atmosphere be cleansed, lest they should feel their medium becoming inhospitable.

Well here’s the skinny shills. The fact that you are paid for your opinion does not make it superior to anyone else’s. The fact that you are prepared to tailor your opinions at the behest of your employers makes your opinion less credible as far as I’m concerned.

They are so used to the MSM monopoly that sustains their existence that they think it’s a god given right. It isn’t, and it’s one of the reasons this country, and the world, is in such a sorry state.

They look around and they see that as their stranglehold is weakened, the plebs who previously may have taken their opinions as gospel are now able to tap into a different, non-profit centred grapevine; and it scares the shit out of them.

After spending years demanding the right for women to be enslaved into the taxpaying ranks like their male counterparts, they look around (the Notting Hill coffeshop) and think they’ve achieved some kind of victory.

In reality, they’re only looking at the 1%’ers. The people who benefit from their self-centred navel-gazing.

Those of us who are spared the fetid stench of the noxious media bubble can actually see whats happening in the real world. Mothers being shoehorned into jobs that pay miserable wages, who then require the state to become mummy and daddy, leaving impressionable toddlers in the care of minimum-waged teenagers who are watching the clock.

So long as no-one says anything that may cause offence.

So long as no-one says anything that may cause offence.

I’m not sure that’s what the suffragettes had in mind to be honest. They didn’t demand that we all become trans-gender. They wanted the recognition and the voting rights they deserved, not a snooty uberclass who take it upon themselves to coral the sisterhood into indentured slavery.

Feel free to hurl the abuse. Call me stone-age, a woman hater, a creator of insufferable atmospheres; it’s cool, I still apply the seemingly-forgotten ‘sticks & stones’ rationale.

But remember that the things that we treasure and the traits that make us who we are as a culture were born of dissent against the established order and what they considered acceptable, and like the commoners who raised their two arrow-fingers as a gesture of defiance towards the French aristocracy, we’re not backing down.

Monty Python, Pete & Dud, the suffragettes, the unions, the organised trespasses of the 20th century…

All of the above resoloutely raised two fingers to the man, be it with sarcasm, wit or by imposing theirselves physically in spite of prevailing opinion. The problem with the Feminazi’s and the Twatterati is that they see themselves as the antidote rather than recognising that in reality they are doing the bidding of those they claim to oppose.

To summise, I think we are a nation of irreverent piss-takers and hopefully our ability to treat those who presume they are our ‘betters’ with disdain may be one of the first small steps on the road to salvation.

Hope lies in the proles. It certainly does not lie in the hands of the Twatterati apparatchiks who have appeased and profiteered their way to the front of the queue.


One thought on “The Twatterati and the Feminazi’s – A Pungent Brew

  1. Outlaw says:

    This is actually very good. It shows the hypocrisy which permeates through Social Networks and especially Twitter. I agree that many of those you speak use Twitter as a personal promotion vehicle, spouting whatever fashionable clap-trap earns them the most readers and followers. Woe betide anyone who dares to disagree, because then the knives really do come out.. The sisterhood that we are led to believe is so powerful and universal is nothing more than a myth I have found as many Feminists I have spoken to are fed up with their strongly held lifelong beliefs being hijacked by these fame-seeking and entirely MSM controlled mouthpieces…

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