Ian Austin MP – Member of the Mob on Balcombe Mob Rule


August 16, 2013 by corneliustownedge


‘Just a little, enough to wet our beaks…’

Ian Austin, a Labour MP, today summed up why we should turn our backs on the crooked lords, politicians and the corporate interests that back them with a series of comments that expose both his and the states absolute disdain for the people of this country,

Austin, a supposed proponent of ‘democracy’, is aware that 82% of the people of Balcombe don’t want Cuadrilla drilling their exploratory wells. Yet he has the nerve to imply that the Balcombe protests represents the rule of the mob; and that should tell you everything you need to know about Austin and his ilk.

The supposed system of democracy is established via mob rule anyway! The rule of the largest mob. But even by their own ridiculous benchmarks they are barely legitimate; look at the low voter turnouts, and their pathetic approval ratings. If they didn’t have such power Austin and his friends would be laughable, well, they are laughable, but also very dangerous.

It doesn’t matter if they’re in the red, blue or yellow corner. These people are in position as administrators of the trough, nothing more. They represent vested interest, and serve those interests. Did you really think anyone would run a business, UK PLC, and allow a new set of administrators to re-arrange the furniture every 4-5 years?

You'll do as we say... capisce?

You’ll do as we say… capisce?

No chance. The significant policies and directions don’t change, these crooks do everything they can to maintain a facade of difference between themselves and the ‘opposition’ but there isn’t any. It’s a false paradigm to make you and I think we have a voice, to lend an air of legitimacy to the real mob who sit in boardrooms, in the Houses of Commons and Lords and they’ll do as they please.

We’re just an irritant to the mobsters who hide behind the lie of democracy, and if we have the nerve to suggest that democracy should be observed when we feel our interests are threatened, then we are the mob and should be dealt with by the law.

Let’s not forget the other voices raising their heads above the parapet to support this anti-democratic snatch and grab either.

The Balcombe Parish Council ignored the wishes of their community and gave the green light to CuadZilla and the government and today Philip Fletcher, chairman of the Church of England’s group on Mission and Public Affairs, said:

”To preclude properly managed technical development is to risk denying ourselves more important, less polluting and less costly options than the energy sources on which we currently rely.

“Fuel poverty is an increasingly urgent issue for many in society – the impact on energy bills is felt by the least well off”.

In other words, the Church of England has got it’s eye on the profits, it is after all a vast landowner in this country and likely stands to make itself/the state a few quid, and let’s not forget that Justin Welby is an ex-oil man either. He knows the drill *boom-boom*.

In it together?

Of course they are.

Did you really, in your heart of hearts ever think otherwise? Did you ever actually think they were in it with you?

They only have the power we have ceded to them. Ceded to them on the condition that they would be our representatives and would provide a safety net. That’s the ‘social charter’, and they broke their end of the deal.

The cosy-nostra have had it their own way for far too long; it’s time to take the power back and to throw out the mobsters for good.


2 thoughts on “Ian Austin MP – Member of the Mob on Balcombe Mob Rule

  1. Galloway's Valet says:

    Too right. The private equity crooks, the hedge funds, the investment banks. They own the pathetic political class. No rule of law for the ‘mob’ that run the banks. HSBC can launder billions on behalf of the most violent drug cartels on the planet, and there’s not even a slapped wrist.

  2. Reblogged this on loders blog and commented:
    I’m grateful to corneliustownedge for writing this.

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