Something Stinks, but it’s not Chemical Weapons…


August 23, 2013 by corneliustownedge

This is the closest this little weasel will get to an 'amphibious-landing'. Happy to send your kids to kill and be killed on a lie though...

Little Willie, warmonger-in-chief. This is the closest this little weasel will get to an ‘amphibious-landing’. Though he’s happy to send your kids to kill and be killed to feather his nest… Another Blair, another compromised puppet.

These crooks have no shame. As their ever more desperate attempts to rile up the public for a war in Syria fail; their efforts to wield the mighty propaganda stick become more and more ridiculous. I think we’re approaching the third or fourth time they’ve tried to flog the ‘Assad using CW’s or WMD’s’ canard.

The camera never lies. War criminal, Zionist, profiteer, bankers puppet and, wait for it... former MIDDLE-EAST PEACE ENVOY!!!

The camera never lies. War criminal, Zionist, profiteer, bankers puppet and, wait for it… former MIDDLE-EAST PEACE ENVOY!!!

I’m not even going to tread lightly around this for fear of offending anyone. These charades are assembled for the sole purpose of engineering yet more killing, profiteering and pillaging, and until we expose the constant use of false-flag terrorism and accept that the terrorists are doing the bidding of the crooks running this country and the west then nothing will change.

First let’s expose some of the cheerleaders for this disgusting venture. There are many, but as I have a sensitive gag-reflex I can’t watch much MSM to keep abreast of the crooks du jour; so here’s a few of the main players in this bullshit-fest…


Brooks Newmark. He scoured these trees looking for ‘brain-fruit’  before finally deciding it must be out of season. He’s the ‘relatively’ new kid on the warmongering block.


Chairman Cam quipped that the tory party should be called the ‘torah party’. Well they don’t care bout judaism, just imperialism, which is why Dave serves the Rothschilds and their state of Israel.


Rifkind is a major cheerleader for war, the security state and the interests of Israel. Give them a tin-hat and a rifle and send them to fight if they like war so much. The peace would follow shortly afterwards…










People really need to get to grips with what’s going on. Have a look at this front-page on the Mirror…

mirror syriaNote how the bodies of the children are arranged as if they’re asleep…

How Assad’s picture is right next to the word gassing…

This is arranged in this fashion in order to have maximum impact. It’s designed to make you think of your children tucked up in bed.

Well guess what, the rebels have been executing children and are strongly suspected of using chlorine-based chemical weapons already in Aleppo, who cares what they say?

I don’t know if the above pictures are real or not. I do know that none of them look real.

 I know that yo u can arrange bodies to further  your own propaganda ends. I know that this happens in all conflicts.

I know that there is NO reason for Assad to use chemical weapons as he is winning the military fight against Israel, the west and their proxy army of lung-eaters and extremists. Espescially 3 days after a UN team arrive within shouting distance of the area of the ‘attack’…

I know that the pictures and videos we are being fed by our media look TOO sanitised. Perfectly white froth billowing from twitching bodies. Where’s the blood and phlegm from wrecked lungs? Where’s the urine and faeces around these dead bodies…

This sounds disgusting, but that’s why the lies are disgusting. To stop you from challenging them. To play on your good-nature.

In your heart of hearts you must know it’s all a lie. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and the rest. It’s all bullshit, and they’re dragging us into the pit they inhabit.

We don’t have to follow them, I will not be complicit in the lies and slaughter and you need not be either. Let’s expose this international imperialist-mafia, because they’ll happily take us all with them, but most of all; let’s do it because it’s the right thing to do.

We’re better than this.


One thought on “Something Stinks, but it’s not Chemical Weapons…

  1. maxter says:

    Living life with a purpose is what we are supposed to do otherwise it is completely pointless. I agree, lets expose these criminals for what they really are. All the time I wear tee shirts with slogans of the reality that is extreme to try to wake people up from their MSM induced slumber.

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