Gidiot, Growing Pains and the Chain Gang Mentality


September 30, 2013 by corneliustownedge

Gidiot, Growing Pains and the Chain Gang Mentality

‘You best keep workin, you ain’t redressed the balance of fairness yet’

I happened to browse through the dire Sky News this morning. One of Murdoch’s mouthpieces was interviewing George Osborne on one of the new ‘initiatives’ spewed forth at the annual tory shindig.

In an attempt to, in his words ‘be fair to hardworking taxpayers’ Osborne has decided that the long-term unemployed will be forced to take a job, work on a community service scheme or to visit the Job Centre on a daily basis.

Apparently this will rebalance the fairness deficit in the country, and all those hardworking people who spend their lives working for peanuts and being exploited so that the coffers of  tory donors can be swelled will be overcome by a warm glow.

Perhaps Gidiot hasn’t read the memo, but people are beginning to see through this disgusting spitefest and can see exactly who benefits from these ‘initiatives’. It sure as hell isn’t the hardworking people of the UK.

First thing to recognise is that when disingenuous politicians are talking about growth, they are talking about balance sheets, stocks, shares and bottom lines.  They’re not talking about your financial growth, far from it.

When they say we’ve got to be more competitive; what they actually mean is they want the hardworking people they purport to represent to take home less pay and to have less job security. Common sense would tell you that the real economy will suffer as a result. Wage cuts and less job security means less money washing around the high street and the real economy and more money being trousered by the large monopolies and trans-national corporations who filter the money through their tax networks and away from the exchequer.

How’s that fairometer reading all you hardworkers? Can you feel the shackles of indentured servitude melting away yet?

In order to make our society a fairer place the tories have decided to invoke punitive measures to force people into work. It’s unfair they say, that an unemployed person may be financially better off than a working person.

On that point I’d like to agree.

It is disgusting that politicians of all hues have overseen a system where employers are able to pay such paltry wages, where hardworking taxpayers are forced to supplement the incomes of those struggling at the bottom with working tax credit in order to let shoddy, cheap employers off the hook.

It’s disgusting that they have failed to provide adequate housing for their people, creating a housing bubble and a private rental sector that eats up the income of those hardworking people they claim to admire.

I could go on, but just the above examples beg the question…

If politicians want to address the issue of fairness; why not help hardworking people by addressing the reasons why they are getting a raw deal instead of applying punitive measures to the unemployed which benefit the people who are exploiting the hardworking people in the first place?

Apparently reason, decency and good old-fashioned economics are a bridge too far for Gidiot, and for politicians in general. So what they have actually decided to do, is coral more of the millions of unemployed into slave labour with the threat of having their benefits removed.

Spite 1 – Common Sense 0

You could make an argument for requiring people to undergo genuine training or education as a condition of receiving benefits. That would be neither spiteful nor detrimental to the economy. But when someone is working for nothing stacking shelves or sorting mail or serving drinks, then someone else is being denied a real job and a wage and the real economy is denied a consumer.

The large corporations benefit as their balance sheets appreciate a bit of slave labour. Any pretence that they are assisting people back to work is laughable. If Tesco were genuinely employing then be assured, you would be on the job immediately, not undergoing a lengthy and complicated training programme.

Chain-gang economics rule in the Septic Isles at present. The same twisted logic that prevails in the United Snakes of America has crossed the pond.

Privatise and subsidise for the benefit of the privileged minority whilst chastising and demonising the working class.

Gidiot proudly announced on Sky News this morning that TNT were more than interested in helping as many as a thousand of the long-term unemployed.

Of course they are: A thousand free workers for them and a thousand fewer jobs for you: Balance sheets up, real economy down.

Do the maths, it’s not rocket science.


It’s not an oversight, it’s a policy direction. Even Gidiot isn’t that stupid

3 thoughts on “Gidiot, Growing Pains and the Chain Gang Mentality

  1. Lupulco says:

    I am not 100% sure but I believe that 30% of what the Government spends on the behest of the taxpayer is spent on benefits such as Income Support, Tax Credits, Housing benefits, etc.
    Of this vast amount 60%+ is spent not on the unemployed, but to the employed who work for less then the living wage and to offset the real cost to employers if all the jobs that were outsourced to what is the real low cost economy.
    It would probably treble the unemployment rate and cause severe civil unrest.
    But then again, who would buy all the tat made by these people in the real low cost economy.

  2. Stuart McCann says:

    Excellent blog.

  3. maxter says:

    Like the reality of your reports. You would not get a job in the mainstream, and thats a compliment to you.

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