Say No To Junk Mail: Return to Sender #SwampTheRoyalMail


October 26, 2013 by corneliustownedge


Just Say No

From the Telegraph –

By Alice Philipson

7:00AM BST 26 Oct 2013

In a significant escalation of Royal Mail’s direct marketing business, the organisation plans to put barcodes on letters, allowing their progress to be tracked by firms.

Using this technology, which will let its customers know the precise day on which the mail is delivered, salesman will be able to follow up with phone calls and text messages.

Banks, for example, could use the barcode system to track the arrival of a credit card offer and then follow it up with a call to persuade the recipient to take it up.

Royal Mail writes in its prospectus: “Market Reach is at an early stage of its development but it offers the potential to increase the level of the group’s revenue derived from marketing mail.

“[It can] also play a part in the group’s ongoing management of the structural decline in the overall letter market.”

The Fightback – Anything BUT Resistance is Futile

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we were already bombarded with junk mail, that an institution created by taxpayer monies has been not only sold, but sold on the cheap without ANY mandate from the electorate; that elderly and vulnerable people, our people are targeted and subsequently ripped off by the purveyors of this junk mail..

Now this is going to be tracked, allowing a further avalanche of unsolicited phone calls, e-mails and the like.

Yes, it’s a travesty, on more levels than I can truly be arsed to discuss, and why bother?

We all know which way this country is going, money talks and bullshit.. well, plenty of it comes through your letterbox, spam e-mails, unsolicited telephone calls…

So what to do? Sign a petition? Write to your MP? Go to Royal Mails own site, accept their cookies and ask them nicely not to send you any?

No, no, and no.

They will pay no attention, because they don’t care. All that matters to UKplc is the bottom line; so let’s hit them where money hungry freedom hating oligarchs hurt most…

The balance sheet.

It’s not hard, it won’t cost you a penny and is quite likely to give you a warm glow of satisfaction!

Return to Sender

Yes, it’s as simple as that: Each time you receive junk mail simply write ‘Return to Sender’ on it and shove it in your nearest postbox. Then relax to a comfortable chair, put on one less jumper than usual and dwell in the warm glow that surely follows such an act of non-compliance.

Imagine the bean-counters fretting as their recently subjugated workforce waste man hours re-sorting through the crap they were happy to offload on you as long as it kept the pennies rolling in for them!

Spread the word, post it where you can, tell your friends, make it viral…

#SwampTheRoyalMail #SwampTheRoyalMail #SwampTheRoyalMail

One thought on “Say No To Junk Mail: Return to Sender #SwampTheRoyalMail

  1. Sfrost says:

    I like to save all those free post envelopes you get in junk mail and redistribute at my leisure

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